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Supply chain provider marks 15 years in business with bold new marketing strategy

June 27, 2018

Founding partners of Velogistix Worldwide, Ed and Saskia Zamora, are pleased to announce the official launch of their new name, new brand and vibrant new website, GOSENTRO.COM

With locations in Canada, California and New York, the company prides itself on their ability to offer end to end solutions for their customers’ supply chain. Their focus is on a North American distribution model and their concentration is on manufacturers and distributors of product to big box retailers like Best Buy, Lowes and Home Depot.

The new name, Sentro Supply Chain is more indicative of their specialized offering to clients. Ed Zamora explains, “We have very deep relationships with a finite number of clients so we weren’t concerned about what could be a disruptive move with a wholesale change of our brand. I believe our new look and corresponding messaging is on track with who we have become over our 15 year history and more importantly, who we will be down the road with our future plans for growth.”

The clean lines and bold colors of their new brand is further defined by their descriptive tagline, Expertise > Technology > Execution. Unique to Sentro, is their ability to combine their technology resources and industry expertise to manage the change necessary to improve efficiencies and lower costs in their customers’ supply chain. Saskia Zamora adds, “It’s one thing to assess and recommend necessary change, it’s quite another to have the technology and management in place to properly execute change through all relevant departments. For us, the “O” icon at the end of our name is symbolic of our well designed business model that stays in constant motion and addresses the details like no other firm can.”

To find out more about Sentro Supply Chain please review our website and send your request for information to INFO@GOSENTRO.COM