Sentro Supply Chain

Streamlining your supply chain since 2003

Sentro’s founders started their careers in the front lines of transportation sales and operations. Early on they saw opportunities to improve the flow of freight and the related communications involved with each transaction. Now in our 15th year, we have honed our craft and have developed a comprehensive approach to supply chain management that includes:

  • In-depth, current state assessment
  • Future blueprinting
  • Improved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • IT infrastructure
  • Assessment of internal and external stakeholders
  • Carrier procurement
  • Invoicing and freight audit
  • Reporting and review
  • Third party logistics

Our current activities focus on distribution to big box retailers throughout North America

Our customers manufacture and distribute their products for many big box retailers in the USA and Canada. Consumer electronics and home building materials are the bulk of their activity. We take a dedicated, custom tailored approach to improving efficiencies and delivering cost savings throughout each customer’s supply chain. We assess, implement and manage every segment to our customers’ complete satisfaction, documenting each area of improvement and savings.

As a result of our findings, human resources are often decreased or reallocated to areas of greater need and focus. Our custom designed technology is implemented to minimize redundancies and transportation partners are revitalized to optimize carrier performance.